hey! I’m Lindsey escalante.

I help busy families get control of their homes so they can focus on the important stuff.

As a mom of two young boys, I’m no stranger to the realities of family life.

For me, the goal of simplifying isn’t staging a perfectly tidy inspirational Instagram photo. I mean, I LOVE Instagram, but let’s be honest - that level perfection is gonna last about 60 seconds.

Instead, it’s about creating a place that feels like home and functions the way you need it to.

how i got started

I didn’t set out to run an organizing business.

I started simplifying our home to find some level of control as an stressed out, overwhelmed stay-at-home mom and foster parent.

But after getting life-changing results for myself and helping others discover the same, I realized my love of helping people get their homes in order wasn’t just a fun side project.

It was my superpower.

how i can help you

Full Service Organizing: It’s me! In your home! Helping you go through your stuff, get rid of the things you don’t need and create a space you love to come home to.

DIY Plans: Affordable custom plans for your space with email support along the way.

Blog posts: Maybe you want some tips on how to organize your small kitchen. Or you would love a free printable chart to simplify your kids’ morning + evening routines.

Are you a Seattle area Foster or Kinship Family? My friends and I would love to help you refresh your home!