Declutter for the Life You Want Today


Getting your home in order frees up your time and helps you reconnect with what is most important: your values, your goals and your dreams for the future.

Many times, we hold on to items that we aren't currently using for two main reasons:

  1. What they say about who we used to be

  2. What they tell us about we hope to become

Maybe you dream of creating beautiful meals for your family and with that in mind, you've acquired a collection of inspiring cookbooks, fancy kitchen gadgets & appliances - but every time you set out to make something you spend more time searching for what you need than actually cooking.

Maybe you were a musician in high school and it was a huge part of your identity. You still love music, but now, twenty years later, you can't remember the last time you picked up your dusty instrument.

Maybe you have changed careers or your family is entering a new season of life, but your closets and storage areas are still full of items that made more sense years ago.

It might be time to ask yourself:

  • What did this item say about me? Is that still true today?

  • What future dream/wish/goal does this item represent?

  • How can I make that a reality in my life now and do I need this item to do it? 

Chances are, you will notice that you are holding on to things that represent past hopes or versions of yourself that no longer fit with your current reality. On the other hand, you might rekindle dreams and goals that still ring true.

Are you ready to let go of what no longer serves you and free up space to start living the life you dream of today, but feel overwhelmed about where to start? I'd love to help!