How to Have a Simple + Minimalist Easter with Kids


Easter and Earth Day are on the same day this year.

If you are like me and are struck by the irony of hiding colorful plastic things all around your yard on Earth Day OR can’t stand the idea of giving your kids a basket full of stuff you will want OUT of your house in a week, here are some ideas for a clutter-free Easter:

  1. Use Baskets You Already Have

    The Easter Bunny has never failed to find the correct basket in our home to drop off the goodies. Even if it isn’t pastel or covered in wooden cutouts of his likeness.

  2. Swap Plastic Eggs for Wooden Ones

    While you can certainly reuse either kind - wooden eggs are almost guaranteed to last you longer than those thin plastic ones. Also, they are wood, not plastic and our world could use less plastic.

  3. Buy bulk candy instead of wrapped, individual serving-size treats.

    Bonus? No one asking you to help open things! Win/Win.

  4. Choose Consumable or Long-Lasting Items over Cheap Plastic Trinkets

    Things they can eat or things they can use longterm are better than small plastic things that break and turn into trash by the end of the day.

What We’ve Done + our Plan

Last year was the first time we did Easter baskets. The boys were 2.5 + 4 years old and preschool had introduced the idea.

Before that we did a simple chocolate bunny at Easter breakfast plus candy from the weird looking Easter bunny at church. (To be fair, I have yet to see an Easter bunny costume that isn’t weird.)

But back to those baskets. Which honestly weren’t even baskets. They were peat pots filled with chocolate, gardening gloves, flower seeds and colored pencils. It was a hit.

This year I’m planning to use baskets we have around the house and filling them with chocolate, candy, Lego mini figures, Paw Patrol Band-Aids and a small plant they can put in the yard (turns out growing things from seeds was way too advanced for our family.)

We’re also planning to go to church and do brunch before putting on last year’s gardening gloves and spending some time doing a family Earth Day project cleaning up trash around the neighborhood.

I think it’s going to be a great day.

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