How to Make Time for What Matters Most

how to make time for what matters most

Between running a business and having a family, most days I feel like I don’t have enough time to do everything and it’s true – I don’t.

So what makes the difference between feeling like I’m drowning and feeling like I made the most of my day? Focusing a little bit every day on things that are:

1. Most Important and
2. Only I can do (OR I can do better than anyone else.)

My list includes:

  • Having a great marriage.

  • Being the mom my kids need.

  • Improving my health & fitness.

  • Building my business.

If I make time for these things, I feel like my life is more or less under control. Plus, when one of these main things becomes too neglected it usually messes up everything else.

But what about everything else?

How do you make time for these important things when your schedule is filled with laundry, preschool pick-ups, making dinner, work?

Obviously, you can’t just drop all of the other tedious things of life to make room for your passions and dreams. Here are some things that have worked for me:

1. Get Up Earlier

There is a reason this is common advice – it works. Getting up earlier (at least an hour before your kids get up) gives you a head start that lasts throughout your day. Use this time to exercise, get yourself ready for the day, write, work on your business plan, connect with your partner.

No matter how crazy your day becomes later on, nothing can take away what you got done in those early morning hours. And yes, this means you have to go to bed earlier. Which leads to the next tip…

2. Say No

This is the easiest way to free up more time in your life.

Sometimes this means saying no when you are asked to volunteer or take on additional responsibilities. More often, it means logging out of Facebook, putting down your phone instead of scrolling through Instagram for the millionth time that day or stopping yourself from watching just one more episode.

3. Mix it up

Think of ways you can combine items from your most important things list with other essential tasks.

  • Listen to podcasts related to your dreams & goals while you wash dishes or drive to work.

  • Chase your kids around the park for fun and exercise.

  • Make some coffee, grab a treat and sit down with your partner to go over your calendars and plan for the week ahead.

4. Buy Time

Some things you can’t say no to for too long without some negative consequences. These usually involve forms of cleaning, shopping and cooking and are usually things that you can hire someone else to help you with.

Grocery Shopping –  Consider using Amazon Fresh or Kroger’s ClickList to save yourself massive amounts of time at the grocery store.

House Cleaning – When our family grew from one to two kids, we used a cleaning service to help relieve the stress and buy us more time. It was money well spent.

Cooking – Use a meal kit delivery service or keep some frozen pizzas or other quick meal options on hand.

Home Organizing - Getting the clutter out of your home and creating organized systems that support the way you live is my number one tip for creating more margin in your life.

Want to save even MORE time? Hire me to help you! Whether you want full-service help or a custom DIY plan, I’d love to help you make more space in your home and your schedule.

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Lindsey Escalante