How to Declutter + Organize Your Home (A Free Guide!)

When it comes to organizing, there is one thing that most people get wrong from the very beginning and I’ve done it too!

Curious? Here it is:

Focusing on how to improve and maximize their STORAGE options instead of focusing on how they want to improve and maximize their LIVES.

That simple mindset shift is EVERYTHING.

So before you ever buy a container or start looking at inspiration photos on Pinterest, I want you to ask yourself...

What is important to me, ESPECIALLY in this season of life?

To help you through that process, I made a free guide!

I originally created it as a handout at a talk I gave on organizing and the feedback from the participants was so positive that I wanted to share it with all of you.


In it you will find…

  • Questions to ask yourself BEFORE getting started.

  • Steps to identify what your goals are for each area of your home.

  • My 5 basic steps for decluttering any space.

  • Helpful reminders to keep you on track and inspire you if you feel overwhelmed.

Want a copy? Sign up and I’ll send it straight to your inbox! (And yes, it’s totally FREE.)