home: the place where you and all your favorites come together


simplifying solutions that support the way you and your busy family do life


helping you discover what brings you joy and let go of the rest

Hey Friends!
I’m Lindsey.

I’m a Professional Organizer and KonMari Method™ Consultant in Training.

I help busy families take control of the chaos and create livable, functional homes they love to come home to.

My secret to helping my clients simplify to live their best lives?

Listening to them.

What drives you crazy and how do you LOVE to spend your time? What do you want your ideal life to look like?

Together we will clear out the stuff that is getting in the way. Because this whole getting organized thing?

It’s not about the stuff…It’s about YOU.


the konmari method™

Created by Marie Kondo, the KonMari Method™ is a comprehensive and revolutionary way of sorting through your things by category and deciding what to keep based on the life you want to live.


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